Watching and participating in the debate of the moment in Australia “Marriage Equality” what is becoming obvious is we are missing love for each other.  I am moved to do my bit to remind us all of what is important and what is not.

“The opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety, it’s connection” Johann Hari

Not for a moment do I believe either side of this debate should walk away from their principles.  Having said that my opinion and that of Andreia is Equality is Equality.  It is not about what perspective you have it is about the manner in which you expresses those opinions and whether you and your side are contributing to the knowledge base or merely ranting from your own perspective.

And yet here we are!

The very reason this matter should have been decided in the Parliament is the rules of parliamentary debate would apply and we would not be suffering a free for all of opinion mongering, this blog being a case in point!  And yet here we are. Most of us didn’t want to be here in fact the opinion of the majority is well documented.  And still here we are.

We now have a choice. We can:

A. Do and say nothing and in doing so complicity agree with whichever side wins the majority.

B. Engage in the debate on whatever side you are on and may the best team win, or

C. Listen as much as we speak, learn what we don’t know and make a wiser decision accordingly.

This is where I jump to “Do as I say not as I do” because if you are passionate about something it is very difficult to stay calm and kind to someone who , in your opinion simply refuses to see your truth.  And I’m a human and I have the same difficulties.  Here’s the key YOUR TRUTH is YOUR TRUTH and no one else’s.  Not even your closest ally can share “YOUR TRUTH”. Your truth is determined by your filters which are uniquely yours.

How do we get our point across?

Given this is an absolute perhaps we can use it as a solid reason to cast doubt on our TRUTHS?  Can we accept our TRUTH may not be absolute, given we are the only person in the entire planet who sees things exactly the way we do!  That moment of hesitation of doubt is room enough for kindness, respect and dare I say it love to slip into the debate.

You see Samuel Butler put it very succinctly when he advised “A man convinced against his will is of his opinion still”.  So we can shout each other down and we can call each other names, we can out spend each other on media or engage in any number of zero sum games and we achieve nothing other than increasing the disconnection in our society by entrenching people in their positions as they simply baton down and let Hurricanes Yes and No blow over.

This at time when it is becoming increasing obvious disconnection in our society is the single biggest problem we face.  Can I respectively suggest we all choose option C.  Further can we bear in mind the human at the other end of your comment isn’t wrong.  NOT in their world!  Yes feel free to ask why they are of that opinion and feel free to fact check your heart out and make known the results.

Do it respectfully, with love and kindness.

You can make your part of the debate respectful and if we all do that then strangely enough we may come through this debate a much kinder and better connected society.  It is not Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, LinkedIn, newpapers, television stations or any other media that create connection or cause the pain of disconnection.  It is us humans who participate who make those decisions.

Draw breath think and then respond as if your correspondent was your beloved.  Respond with kindness, compassion and love.  Finally if all else fails take the advice of Australian comedian Jim Jeffries (paraphrased) The only thing that beats hate is love.  Now love doesn’t always beat hate…Think about a person you hate and from now on only show love towards that person…They’ll probably still hate you but what will happen is everyone will know who the problem is!

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