“Living Consciously helps you to make sense of those behaviors you didn’t quite understand and has given me freedom to develop behaviors that get positive outcomes in my life. Pam Barker

I didn’t really understand what I constantly told myself, ‘my internal chatter’ was impacting me in ways which did not serve me. I have replaced my old patterns of thinking with new positive ways of thinking and have a new found clarity. The Living Consciously course has been life changing for me.  Sonia Cattell

Hear for yourself what Sonia had to say…

This new program is a powerful and effective tool that is making a difference in my business.  Francis McGrath  

My professional career was characterised by going from crisis to crisis. I have spent thousands  of dollars on self-development… this course The Andreia® Method was the breakthrough for me  Jenna Williams    

Jenna talks about making the learning stick…

Their program has been thorough and it’s been taught for folking and it has brought up things I didn’t know long Jim below the surface that now allow me to achieve the goals and dreams in my life that I really want. Scott Collins

Scott  “…From excuses to creating life now…”

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The Andreia® Methodhas helped me to work through some challenging situations and I am very happy with the results. I learnt how to back myself, and I grew in confidence.” Kathryn Saltmarsh

Through The Andreia® Method, I found my path and more importantly Myself. I am the best version of me and I now know what path I’m going to take. The tools. And lessons will not only help me now but long into the future.” Hollie Seibold

The Andreia® Method allowed me see what was getting in the way of my success. I let go of my thoughts, feeling and opinions and discovered what I was passionate about.” Bernard Callus PhD

“With the help of The Andreia® Method I now have real clarity of purpose, I’ve been able to create a structure and an unhindered pathway forward. My vision is becoming my reality.” Bruce Swain

The Andreia® Method has given me a lot more self confidence. I can take on any task or sit with anyone and hold my own. I can negotiate for what I want and feel confident and authentic in myself. The Andreia® Method has also enabled me to feel like a good role model for my daughters as they can see they can do anything and everything they set their minds to.” Linda Buchanan