The Andreia® Method – Self Paced 3-Month Instalment

$217.00 / month for 3 months

The Andreia® Method – Living Consciously

Be authentically YOU and in control.

Being responsive, not reactive to circumstances and people, gives you the edge. The Andreia® Method gives you everything you need to Inspire, Influence and Impact by being who you were born to be and not who you were told you should be!

The course includes:
16 Videos and online workbooks.  An introduction, 12 lessons organised into 3 modules with a wrap-up video and workbook.

Our instalment plan allows you to spread the cost while you get on with improving your Performance, Productivity and Profitability.



Take control and create the life you want.

No more living by default. Live and lead consciously and deliberately. The Andreia® Method will give you a set of tools that will uncover what really gets in your way.

Be purpose-driven and make the impact we know you are here to make. Its conscious and deliberate action is what makes the difference.

The Andreia® Method is not a course you do once; we recommend doing again and again until Living Consciously and from possibilities becomes your default way of living.

Course Contents

Module One – Discovering your default position


  1. The Lost Art Of Listening – Learning to live consciously
  2. Internal Chatter – What really gets in your way and how to move beyond it 
  3. What’s Really Bugging You – The anatomy of an upset
  4. Fear – Believing your own voodoo

Module Two – Creating the new you

  1. Speak Your truth – Live your truth
  2. Purpose – Why it matters
  3. The Power Of Your Words – Alter your language and change your life
  4. Responsibility – It’s an inside job

Module Three – Taking Conscious Action – Accountability

  1. Be Do Have – How life really works
  2. Taking Action – Accountability, who are you going to tell?
  3. Focus – Using your Reticular Activating System for YOUR good
  4. Gratitude – The key to it all