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The Two Most Important Days of Your Life

The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you discover why? Everyone has a why! You may not have discovered yours yet, but it’s there YOU MATTER! There are very few facts that are statistically provable and yet clearly incorrect. HUH? Statistically, you are as near to impossible as possible and yet…here you are reading this blog! If you don’t believe me calculate the odds yourself. Start with the odds on our planet existing, then life, then intelligent life, then humans, then your parents existing multiplied by the odds against them making you. Take that result and then multiply that result by the thousands of other possible combinations of egg and sperm that would have resulted in a different version of you. YOU ARE IMPOSSIBLE, AND YET YOU ARE HERE! WHY?

Don’t Just Survive THRIVE!

I don’t know why you are here! (And we’ll find out together if you want) I do know I wasn’t put here to make money and nor was any other well-adjusted human.

“Wealth cannot be pursued; it must ensue as the unintended by-product of the pursuit of a greater cause” Viktor Frankl.

If you are reading this blog, you have access to the internet. You have an income or the means to access and/or own a device and pay for the connection. You are alive, well enough to think and function. Even if you are living in poverty, you are relatively wealthy in comparison to most of the world’s population. An argument could be made you have enough money to survive. Most readers will be enjoying a vastly better lifestyle than that described. The real question is how to move from surviving to thriving! That’s where the reason you here are is essential. Your Vision, Mission and Purpose will define what thriving is for you, and how can you achieve something without even knowing what it is?

What About Donald Trump?

I know you’re thinking “What about Donald Trump?” Well, point A…is he well adjusted? But NO, not even Donald Trump exists purely for the pursuit of money. My guess his “greater cause” is the pursuit of power and the admiration that brings to satisfy his need for attention. I might be wrong; he might believe the citizens of the USA genuinely need a leader like him. Further, he is prepared to make the sacrifices necessary to be that leader for the good of the USA and the world. However, whatever his “greater cause” is I would argue Mr Trump is an exemplar of Authenticity. There is no pretence, what you see is the genuine article; love him or hate him. Donald Trump is being exactly who he says he is, and that is the trick to his electoral appeal. Authenticity is a visceral experience, Trump brings out that visceral feeling in both his supporters and his opponents. When it comes to Donald Trump, it is very hard to sit calmly on the fence. Why?

Authenticity has Magic In it.

When you are being authentic, you speak YOUR truth from YOUR heart. Your message is received as being authentic. It appears it doesn’t matter whether the message is delivered personally or via an electronic medium or a newspaper article. Somehow being Authentic infuses the message with an elixir of truth that we humans pick up on. We recognise the sender of the message is telling THEIR truth and if THEIR truth resonates with us, we go “Cool, yeah you understand me, I get you”, and trust is established. Similarly, if the message doesn’t resonate the receiver will reject the message AND the sender. Either way, the reaction is visceral.

What does it mean to be authentic?

What does it mean to be authentic? My personal journey with authenticity commenced with a realisation who and how I was behaving was not who I wanted to Be. Further reflection allowed me to understand I didn’t want to be the person I was being. It really wasn’t who I really am, and the way I was living didn’t reflect my values. The question was not whether the Tiger could change its stripes, the real question was “Is he a Tiger or a Zebra?”. This is what it means to be lost in the forest, all you see is the fleeting patterns as life rushes by. I was full-on pursuing my life according to what I thought was expected of me. Living as I had been told I should and never taking the time to consider who I was really born to be. Turns out I’m a Zebra with attitude.

The Source of Action is BEING

So how does this all relate to you? If you want to really thrive, you need to be empowered to take ACTION to change your life. The source of ACTION is being. Donald Trump’s way of being and consequently, the actions he takes are a result of him genuinely BEING Donald Trump. He is acting consistently with the pursuit of his “greater cause” whatever that truly is. To date, he has been highly successful because he has been prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve his desired outcome. He has done this because in his mind NOTHING is more important! Something is either in service of his “greater cause”, or it stands in the way. It is either aligned and can be used or to be overcome, and he does so with ruthless efficiency. This is not to say he won’t eventually reap what he sows, but that is another subject.

You Matter!

Find out why you are here, why is your life happening? BE the human you need to be to fulfil on that mission. In doing so, you will find yourself unable to stop yourself from taking the necessary action to deliver on YOUR Greater Cause. You will speak your truth authentically from your heart, and it will generate a visceral meaning in the hearts and minds of those who receive your message. You will be able to Commit 100% and when you commit anything is possible. It is my great joy in life to be a guide on this journey. My mission is to create conversations to enlighten individuals, coach to inspire them to do the same and be the difference. Don’t Hide from the Love and Admiration You Deserve.

Put Yourself in the Picture

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First Published on Thrive Global 16 October 2020