The weight of the garbage in our lives often correlates directly with how burdened we feel and when we’re burdened it is that much harder to soar. There’s an old saying “You can’t soar with the eagles if you’re scratching with the turkeys”. This relates to who are you hanging with and when we are talking about cleaning up our lives, it’s essential that we take a very long hard look at who we are taking input from. Turkeys cannot teach you to soar; nor what you need to be an eagle.

Conscious Action

Taking Conscious Action is the third step of the Andreia Method and the key to you living your life your way! Being in a way that will Inspire, Influence and Impact your world by Being who you were born to be, not who you were told to be! Taking Conscious Action is not easy; it is not comfortable…in fact, by its very definition, Conscious Action will be uncomfortable. Actions that are comfortable fit within your default, your comfort zone and do not require you to be Conscious of them to execute them. It is when you must take action that scares you a little, that creates that icky feeling in your gut, stage fright, the fear of failure, that is Conscious Action.

Sorting Out the Mess

Imagine cleaning out your drawers or you shed on automatic. You may recall the wake up I got when I went to clean out my shed back in June (for those that don’t meet George). If you start throwing stuff out without paying attention, you’ll create an almighty mess… that’s simple logic. When you do a clean-up, you need to think about what you are going to keep and what you are going to throw out. It is a Conscious choice based on a decision making process undertaken either beforehand or at the time of discovery. “I didn’t know I still had that!”.  The same applies to the rubbish we accumulate in our mind that is no longer is serving us. It’s just taking up space and creating a mess.

Zero Storage

The best strategy is zero storage! An acceptance that you can only store (keep) those assets that are the most precious and are essential to who you are…everything else must go. I can hear you thinking “that’s radical” and a clean sheet approach ensures every item is examined against the criteria of “Who do you want to Be?”. Only then can it be admitted into your future. Personally, I have never been able to let it all go. I wonder what a blessing it would be to be subject to nothing other than thoughts that carry me towards who I want to be. AND that won’t ever happen! I have too many things I love and appreciate. The thing is I now choose to store those items in my mind… it is not a blind default.

The dreaded “To Do”

Garbage also come in the form of those myriads of tasks that turn up on our “To Do” lists. Jobs that are not in service of our Mission in life. Mundane stuff like keeping your accounts up to date or arranging insurance or taking the dog to the vet for their annual check-up! Or maybe not so mundane but not urgent, like making sure your will is up to date. I find this STUFF just accumulates sitting over my head like a cloud that steals the sunshine from anything I do or achieve (yeah well done but you still have to…). Recently I have taken a new attitude to this STUFF. I have re-badged them as Necessary Support Mechanisms (NSM) and now deliberately place those tasks before the work I really want to do. This way that work I want to do becomes my reward for completing the mundane and sometimes challenging NSM’s. Simple and not innovative, but I have learnt to take my garbage out and get it out of the way on Mission.

You Can Always Bring in Professionals

What tasks do you need to rebrand as NSM’s and align with you Mission in life? I can assure you a job done in service of your created Mission is a job that takes half the energy it used to take and gets done twice as quickly. If you’d like to Empower yourself around your life, all you need do is click on the link below. Make an application for my entirely free of charge and obligation 2 Hour Empowerment Interview and let’s see where that road takes us.

Talk again soon


First published on Thrive Global 6 October 2020