OMG! (as the cool kids would say) I write this whilst sitting in a shopping centre cafe awaiting the return of my family of eager shoppers. Well really my 13-year-old step daughter, who is the only member of the nuclear family that seems vaguely interested in Christmas, and her friend. Here’s the kicker she’s here buying clothes for another friend’s funeral. As for me, I don’t readily associate the word LOVE with Christmas shopping!

Yes, you read that right. It is certainly a show stopper right on Christmas.  This amazingly vibrant kid was diagnosed with bone cancer around April/May and passed away a few days ago. I guess that’s the reason for my OMG!

What’s it all about?

Sitting and watching the bedlam it all seems such a waste of human energy not to mention financial might. What would happen if we all just stopped and only gave from what we already have?  Or of our talents and capabilities?  Or simply our time and love? Rather than indulging in this exhausting circus of debt laden purchasing of stuff to give away.

My repeating theme, the greatest gift you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. Tiana was very loved and full of love. Her short life wasn’t an easy one with a sister who suffers from severe cerebral palsy.  Observing from the position of her friend’s step dad was close enough to get hurt. Close enough to see the absolute truth the greatest gift is love for one another.  The love her Mum, family and friends had for her and she for them.

Close to home

In my past I have lost a sister and a sister-in-law to this wicked disease, both in their 30’s. That is lesson enough, I didn’t need a reminder especially through attending a 13 year olds funeral.  Yet here it is and it will be the making of some good somewhere at some time. As John Lennon wrote “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans”.

Tiana’s made a pretty awesome TV interviewer, may be that was her plan.  Check out her skills here at the recent ARIA awards Tiana on the Aria Red Carpet for Juiced TV. Clearly that won’t be now. My reason for bringing Tiana’s passing to you is not to teach the Wave Wave (refer link) although that would be a good thing, I want to ask your help to show love is the greatest gift.

Love! Build a bridge and get over it!

This Christmas take a good hard look at the relationships you have with those you love.  Ask yourself are you loving them like you ARE going to lose them?  Sadly, one day you will, or they will lose you and then…it will be too late.  Love through laughter, through sharing, through forgiveness.  Love any way that nurtures what’s precious to you.

Andreia is the virtue if courage. Have the courage to love your family and friends outrageously. If you do you’ll add an atom of meaning to a Mother’s grief at the loss of her beautiful daughter.  Oh, and while you’re on Juiced TV why not make a donation to the Childrens Hospital Foundation who fund the program so as they can continue doing this terrific work with kids at the worst time of their lives.

May you have a Christmas full of love and meaningful connection. We will talk again in the New Year

RIP:  Tiana Jean Hartley Power (8 April, 2004 – 7 December, 2017)