Many, many times I get up in the morning and ask myself…who am I to teach what I teach?  The voice of doubt climbs out of the box, taps me on my shoulder and tries to convince me of just how hopeless I am; what a fraud I am.  If only people knew how disorganised and how hard I find it to live up to the principles I espouse in Living Consciously.  My bet is anyone reading this knows that voice.  Some of you will have learned to ignore it and do what you need to do. Others, will listen attentively and recognise the ‘false wisdom’, sit down and do nothing.  Most of us hear the voice, want to run away but instead dig in and do what we can do to live our lives the way we know we ought to! Rather than give in to doubt.

Consciously Competent at being Conscious

If I waited to tell you about Living Consciously until I could hand on heart say I am unconsciously competent at Living Consciously and have ultimate flexibility in the way I think… Well may be in my next lifetime!  I’d rather come clean and tell the truth.  Life is not a cake walk. There are many and varied challenges.  Some of which may appear bigger than your ability to handle them in the moment. I was raised to believe the universe would never send a challenge my way unless I could handle it.  I have had some big ones, my sister died of cancer at 31. I’ve been divorced and have ridden the wealth cycle several times.  Conversely, I have had my blessings a childhood filled with love and support.  A great education, 4 grown up children and now a grandchild.

We’re Only Human

What strikes am as I travel through my latest troubles is how import perspective is. We are only human and we all have faults and short comings.  We have all made mistakes done silly things and if you haven’t then you’ve made the biggest mistake of all…not giving it a go! We can choose to wallow in muck of our mistakes, or we can choose to own them.  Learn from them and move towards the light. That is why I do what I do today.  It is why I am sitting here writing this blog.  God knows I certainly don’t feel like I should be teaching anyone anything right at this moment.  However, our structure demands I create this blog.  Living Consciously is a challenging piece of learning!

Flexible Thinking

By learning to be conscious of myself I have learnt to be my own observer.  Not to just accept my thoughts and actions as being intrinsically part of me.  Rather, to look at them and question if they are serving me.  To look at My thoughts and My actions as I would observe another’s.  To hold myself to a standard that is related to who I am creating myself to be in the future not who I have been in the past.  The exercise of your consciousness, so as you can observe yourself, requires you regain your flexible thinking.  When you were born, your brain was infinitely flexible and anything was possible.  As we grow up we make decisions about certain matter which form our “opinions” our “point-of-view” and as I explained in my last blog these perspectives are entirely our own and unique to us.

Changing your Perspective will Change Your Life

Tanja and I set out to create a course that will inform and assist you to understand how your brain works and how you work.  In doing we know you will start to regain your flexible thinking.  Flexible thinking is vital in today’s ever changing world; it is also key to being able to change your perspective on any given matter.  The moment you change your perspective, just like in a kaleidoscope, the picture you are looking at and the information available to you changes as well.

Nothing is fixed.  Even if this morning I feel like I am carrying the world on my back, that is just my perspective and it is an illusion.  it’s handy to know the facts, not so easy to recognise their truth and act on the logic not the emotions.  Sometimes, no matter how much we know we will fall short of our own expectations.  I’m here to tell you (and remind myself) that’s OK we are all only human!

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It’s Time To Change My Life EMPOWER ME NOW!