Gratitude, the Key to it all, and so it is. I was also reflecting on the passing of a childhood hero or at least the very first comedian I can recall Fred Dagg AKA John Clarke. John was very loved by his fans and it would seem unilaterally admired not only for his work but also as a man.  Johnathan Green of ABC Radio National described Clarke as a Beautifully Crafted Man.  I couldn’t help thinking, now that is the way I would love to be remembered.

So where do we go from being grateful? This week I found out, you go to giving.   I was watching a television program this week Ahn Do’s Brush with Fame and his guest was Jessica Mauboy.  It was Jessica who during the interview said “That’s why I enjoy it [entertaining] so much, I just get up on stage and give the audience everything I can” and they love her for it.


A Beautifully Crafted Man

This begs the question what does it take to be a Beautifully Crafted Man.  Well firstly a crafter!  Who might that be? It would have to be the one who knew the man best Himself!  Life’s events will happen to us all, we have no need to go searching they will come to us. What make the difference is how we handle and what we make of these events and that comes down to our ability to control and direct our thoughts, our words and our actions.  For John Clarke to become a Beautifully Crafted Man he must have had a very good understanding of who he was.  He was doubtlessly living consciously of his ability to create the world as he wanted it to be.  How would he have crafted himself so beautifully as to deserve comment?


Living… Really Living

According to John Clarke he spent his life having a wonderful time!  And he gave us all so much, he gave what he had, using his gifts and he was much loved for the effort.  As a bonus he lead an amazing life.  Jessica Mauboy has discovered the same gift, the ability to give everything she can without fear or favour and she too is loved by her fans (amongst whom she can count the writer).  She too is living an amazing life and I am confident, whilst life never flow without a problem (we all have to learn), she will be remain very successful and well loved until long after I have departed.

So what about us? You and me?  I’m Inspired!  I make no secret of my desire to be a Beautifully Crafted Man.  I’m ready to take responsibility for my actions and own who I am in order to start living life in a manner that enables me to craft who I am into what I want to be.  That part I have well underway and now it’s time for phase 2.  I know a huge part of me being me is being prepared to give my gift away.

[dt_sc_blockquote align=”center” textcolor=”#2d67b1″ cite=”David Viscott”]The purpose of life is to discover your gift.
The work of life is to develop it. The meaning of life is to give your gift away.[/dt_sc_blockquote]


The Virtuous Virtue

What I have also discovered is the very real need of COURAGE.  You have to be fearless to be authentically you.  Walk out into the crowd and say this is me and this is my gift for you.  What happens if it’s rejected? Your gift is quintessentially you so you are being rejected…and it will most likely happen.

Aristotle claimed the virtue of Andreia was the most important of them all because it was the virtue the guaranteed the others.  If you have the courage you will prevail.  You will be able to give without fear of rejection and you will be able to take the slings and arrows in the context of which they were slung at you.  To bring you down, put you in your place.  This blog is full of saying but here is one more for luck “A man is never a prophet in his own home”.

My kids don’t rate me nor should they! I’m not the Co-Founder of Andreia to them, I’m Dad . My wife expects me to bring in the groceries and do as I’m told most of the time.  And they love me regardless… but if I want that epitaph in the eyes of strangers I have to effect people much further afield than my family and I don’t get to bring in the groceries for them.  How do we do that?


The Importance of Being You

By being genuine in our desire to serve.  Being who we really are so as our authenticity shines through.  Starting with Gratitude and always being thankful for what we have versus being jealous of what we do not have.  Always saying thank you for a job well done, especially if it is done with pride and honesty.  Then going the extra step and giving back.  It might be that thank you that pat on the back that word of encouragement might be all the difference that is needed to change someone’s life.   Right now I am building the wherewithal , the courage to step out and be who I am openly and without reservation tell the world about ANDREIA.  And I will!

What is your gift? How are you going to unlock it?

Join me in my quest of becoming a Beautifully Crafted Man in Living Consciously and find out.