Life with Purpose encourages people to live happy and fulfilled lives. My Mission is to live my life that way and talk about the journey.  My Vision to live in a world of enlighten happy people.

How Important is Purpose?

Just how important is Purpose?  In the Living Consciously lessons we talk about Purpose as being the expression of your highest self.  The fundamental reason behind your existence.

“The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” Mark Twain.

At the bottom many acquired mental illness and/or addictions lie the lack of Purpose or the pursuit of a Purpose that is not truly yours.  In his book “Chasing the Scream; The First and Last Days of The War on Drugs” Johann Hari proposes the opposite to addiction is not abstinence it is connection. Humans are hard wired to connect if we cannot find connection to real people and causes we will connect to a substitute be it alcohol, drugs, sex…whatever fills the gap and covers for the lack of real connection.


Why Are We Wired for Connection?

This raises the question why? Why are we hard wired for connection?  In the developed world, we don’t need the herd to protect us, we have law and order! “Love” or at least sex is a swipe right or left!  Starvation is not likely. And our basic health needs are catered for to a greater or lesser extent depending on where in the world you live.  Being “Connected” won’t change that equation.  So why does being connected matter?

Connection gives us Purpose.  Purpose gives us a reason for living; it gives meaning to our existence.  Is Purpose is the answer to the old question why are we here? Maybe not on a species level but for an individual, I think so.  With Purpose life takes on an entire cadre of nuances enabling a variety of different perspectives and therefore experiences we were not aware of before.

In contrast life without a Purpose is meaningless. What separates us from the other animals is our ability to make meaning. The meaning making machine inside of our heads never sleeps. That is why purpose matters. It is why leading a meaningful life matters.  Regardless of what you own, where you live or what you do, if it is not aligned with your purpose(s) in life it will eventually result in disillusionment, depression and a desperate need to connect on another level.  I know I’ve been there! (For more info go to About Us)


How Can You Be Who You Are?

Looking around me the people who are most content with their lives are those who have Purpose in their life. Living their lives in pursuit of their ideals and beliefs.  Almost without except these people give and receive love easily.  In contrast the unhappiest are those who are striving to achieve outcomes aligned with what they want other people to think of them rather than for their own Purposes.

Amongst the greatest gifts one can give oneself is to give up worrying about tomorrow and or regretting yesterday.  Be the best you can Be at Being who you really are every day and let the outcomes look after themselves. Funny this advice seems to be universal whether you are in pursuit of enlightenment or riches.   Have you ever heard “Look after the cents and the dollars will look after themselves”.  Same idea look after and focus on what is there for you to do.


Find Your Illusive Purpose

The first step might be to find your illusive Purpose.  To do this be still, stop doing whatever it is your doing! It is a paradox but Purpose cannot be pursued, it can only be discovered by looking inwards, by becoming still you will allow the knowledge to come forward as the noise of the world dies down. Some of us find this harder than others.  Some (like me) refuse to stop and let the noise dies down until it is too late and their world starts to crumble around them.  The enforced silence works AND it is far more costly to you and those around you than taking time out now to create your life in line with your Purpose.

Final words on this your Purpose must be connected to the greater good, something bigger than yourself. Purpose drives you, your Mission guides you and your Vision is the end game.

“The purpose of your life is to discover your gift.  The meaning of your life is to give it your gift away.” David Viscott