Humans brains are frequently compared to computers the argument is brains and computers have similar operating systems.   Researchers are even studying computers in the hope it may teach us something about how our brain learns, good luck with that!

Our brains are infinitely more powerful and intricate than the most amazing computer ever conceived.  Sure, there are computers that can beat Chess Grandmasters and others that can design entire Cities with great ease.  But can a computer draw a picture in the sand, whilst sensing the grains through their appendages and tasting the salt in the air? All whilst dreaming about what happened yesterday or anticipating what might happen tomorrow?  Not that I know of!

Fear or Love

What we do have in common with computers is we all take instructions from one operating system or another.  Sometime we can swap operating systems and unlike computers we get to choose which system we want to work on. In humans, the two functional operating systems are Love or Fear.  Effectively when you analyse every choice and or action functioning humans take the core motivations are either love or fear.  (Yes there are psychopaths who act because they can and don’t care or fear the consequences, they are non-functioning humans henceforth excluded from this discussion).

Which system do you operate from?  Do you operate from a basis of Love or do you operate from a basis of Fear?  In my life, I have used both and still battle to stay on the Love operating system.  The default position is always Fear.   Our brains are wired to switch on and protect us from anything that may harm our physical wellbeing.  The assumption being the physical wellbeing is paramount. So what if it isn’t? What if physical wellbeing is a product of mental wellbeing what then?

What difference does it make

Why is it when we look back through history the figures we revere are those who taught us love, tolerance and forgiveness; Mahatma Gandhi, St Theresa of Calcutta, Nelson Mandela.  And those we most revile peddled fear and hate; Hitler, Stalin and co.  It strikes me the former opened themselves up and gave freely of their love of humanity as did those religious figures revered through time like Jesus or Buddha.  Why is this? Surely our naturally instincts are there to serve us, its natural selection!

To a degree this is correct, your survival instincts driven by a fear based operating system will help you survive but it will never allow you to truly live like you were meant to live.  To achieve that you need to take a leaf out of the psychopath’s book and operate without Fear. How do you do that? If you are honest with yourself that is a fair question.  Challenging the status quo can be a scary, scary experience.  Having the courage to open oneself up like Gandhi or forgive like Mandela is well beyond me. One can only hope given the circumstance one would find the courage.


Me I was scared of leaving my first marriage, I was scared of not earning enough, I was scared of being found ignorant, I was scared the people who I love would reject me for any of the above-mentioned failures and I was scared to admit it.  Therefore, I was constantly operating on Fear.  Fear of losing, fear of missing out, fear of rejection, fear of what other people may think of me; and those Fears kept me hemmed in.   Operating from Fear made me a smaller human, it made me impotent to change my life and denied me access to the path of happiness and fulfillment. Finally, it took a crashing toll on my health because I was always servicing my fears which precluded me from finding the time to look after myself! If I hadn’t changed I wouldn’t be writing this blog.

In the past week, I have been challenged on the openness of my change of operating systems.  One of my children, who of course knows me warts and all, challenged me on my right to co-found Andreia and to teach people how to make a change in their life.  Pointing out I was nothing but a pumped-up bag of wind farting neo enlightenment into an uncaring universe…or words to that effect.  That hurt! It was meant to and I found it incredibly encouraging.  You see, I own who I was, what I did, who I am and what I do now and I’m cool about it all.  I have found my purpose.

What is your purpose?

My purpose is to have the courage to make a change in my life and do so publicly in the hope I can inspire another human to turn away from operating on fear and turn toward operating out of love. I no longer Fear disapproval so I know longer react to it.  Here’s a challenge for the next week stop yourself every time you go to make a decision or go to Tweet or post on Facebook ask yourself “is what I am about to do a reaction based on fear or on love?”  If it’s Fear change it to one based on Love and see if that doesn’t start to change your life.  Please post your results!