Mislabeling Is A Dangerous Business

As it turns out in a modern Queensland bathroom NO! Hot is at best very warm and in my humble opinion tepid. So why this mislabeling? Because the Government has a legal requirement of plumbers to ensure the “Hot Water” provided to the bath, showers and basins in a house does not exceed 45C*. So Why is this?

Apparently so as the heat of the water coming out of the tap can’t scald children and/or frail elderly people if left alone in the bathroom. OK sounds like a good idea so far…except what does this teach children? Does this really make a difference to the elderly?

The tap is labeled “Hot”; the child is entitled to believe we are not lying to them! That indeed the water that issues forth from this tap is indeed “Hot” except, may be, just may be … it’s “Not!” An Australian website dedicated to Hot Water states;

 “Most Hot Water systems are set to heat water to around 65 to 70°C.”

There Are Always Consequences

This obviously begs the question what’s going to happen to a child educated to believe “Hot Water” in a bathroom tops out at 45C when they roam outside of the protective State of Queensland?

My point is there are very real dangers in mislabeling something or indeed someone. Quite clearly with the best of intentions the Queensland Government has set a standard that is aimed at protecting people from being scalded by burning hot water. They have even gone to the extent of producing publicity pointing out “water burns like fire”. Except paper burns at between 218 – 246C! Check it out folks!

The temptation is to say “So what?” Well what if someone who’s educated that 45C is “hot” and accustomed to standing under hot water only streams in their shower turns on a system that is 20C hotter; lets it runs while they do whatever and then just hops in? It’s like this at 45C it would take 3-4 hours to produce a 2nd Degree burn, causing permanent tissue damage. At 65C a 2nd degree burn would take LESS THAN 1.5 SECONDS! That’s the problem!!

If we bring up our children believing hot water tops out at 45C when in reality MOST Australian hot water systems are producing 20-25C higher temps we are putting them at very real risk of scalding. A real life danger caused by mislabeling.

What If We Mislabel Ourselves?

It doesn’t matter how good your intentions are the fact is if you mislabel you mislead. If you mislabel a Hot Water tap, as is now law in Queensland, you put thousands of children at risk of burns! Where too from here?

My point was to illustrate just how dangerous mislabeling can be. Mislabeling can also be very dangerous in our lives and those of our nearest and dearest. What if you mislabel people you meet, your work colleagues, worse still your family and even worse your children and ultimately what if you mislabel yourself?

Labels are what you put on a can or a beer bottle. I ought to know after all I ran a company producing can and beer labels for a few years. The thing is those labels had to comply with strict legal requirements (like our hot water systems) and yet (like our hot water systems) the substances described by those labels was often harmful and frequently misleading. I am sure you can see the difference and the potential damage.

Think Before You Label

We must all think very, very carefully and then think again before we label anything!

Do you have statistical evidence?

What unimpeachable evidence do you have the label you are about to use is correct?

What is the cost of mislabeling?

I am horrified at a governing system that can be so short on research and insight as to implement a regulatory measure that is, in my humble opinion, dangerous. What upsets me even more is the day-to-day reality of people under valuing who they are and what they can contribute to the society they live in and this is due, in the main, to labeling! Labels they have been given or Labels they have adopted as their own.

Are you undervaluing your friends? Your colleagues? What about your Boss or are they undervaluing you? Is that your doing? What about the kids, Your Partner? My bet is it will all come down to this: Are YOU undervaluing YOU? Or are trying to be somebody you are not because of the label someone gave you or you accepted 20, 30 years ago? If you are what is that mislabeling doing to you and those around you?

We Are Responsible For Our Labels

We all have a duty of care to make damn sure we are not passing our negative blessing on to those around us. Our bosses and colleagues shouldn’t be shrouded by our mislabeling, nor should our partners and there is No Way our children should be forced to carry the burden of our mislabeling! The trick is it is up to you! It is your choice! Do you accept the label(s) that have thrust upon you or do you stop and say “That’s Not Me!”

You can either find the courage to stand up and make a change or you must take the consequences and so must those around you. Your choice and it is not an easy one. Me I choose to set aside the mislabeling and Be who I am. Today I’d like to make available our video course free of charge ($179.00 value) to the first 5 people who make a decision to be who they are, ditch the labels that they have been given and start on a journey to a new way of living.   If that’s you what have you got to lose? Click on the link below and start on the road to Living Consciously



Labels Are For Cans – Send Me The Lessons!
* Kitchen and Laundry areas are exempt. The clear implication being only parents and capable adults operate in those areas.