Do you own a smart phone?

Unless you are deliberately holding back your own technological progress you probably own a smart phone. Depending on how ‘into technology’ you are you may have spent a small fortune on one. It rings and like Pavlov’s dog you are compelled to answer.

It serves many functions including surfing the net.

You may even be reading this email on one, so don’t stop!


What is sapping the life out of your battery?

Have you ever noticed from time to time your smart phone doesn’t work as well as it should or could? Maybe you’ve hardly used it and it’s already half way to a flat battery.

You say to yourself, “It was fully charged this morning! What the?*&#!”

Do you relate?

Often times the cause is quite simple.  You have a stack of applications running in the background, or the brightness is too high, or you have more pages open in your web browser than you can poke a stick at.

They are all sapping battery power. Clogging up the RAM. You run the risk of being out of charge much sooner than necessary.


Why it is easier to manage a smart phone than it is to manage yourself?

YOU are just like your SMART PHONE!

Whether you realise it or not your RAM (it’s a kind of cosmic RAM) is being taken up with all sort of information of questionable use.  It’s full of past hurts which are like error codes in the database of your mind.

Slowing you down.

And timing out.

Just like your smart phone you are running inefficiently and are destined to arrive at the end of the day on one bar or worse!

The analogy doesn’t end there. Once you are aware of this it then becomes a choice to run inefficiently (yes I’m still talking about your phone). You have to be mindful and take the time to close windows on your browser and make sure that the apps that are open in your phone are only the ones necessary.


 So what’s the answer?

Firstly, you would have to take stock of what is sapping your energy and ask the hard questions like, “what am I holding onto that no longer serves me?” and then dump it.

Then dump it again.

And again…

And again!

It’s really quite simple but it can be far from easy. And that’s just for starters.. Resolve to do the work and reap the rewards.

Rewards like, get to the end of the day with more charge.

Feel lighter and freer.

Leave the past in the past and have all of your innate intelligence available to create the life you want to.


What are you waiting for?



Tanja & John

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