When I started on this journey I thought I knew what it was to Live Consciously.  I have a very high self-awareness, I took responsibility for each and everything that affected me…in fact probably too much… and I knew about accountability and integrity.

What I hadn’t planned on was the challenge of holding my course in the face of opposing realities and ideas. I have learned the great Masters are right when they warn us to beware when we set about changing the future. We are each other’s environments and when one of us makes a conscious decision to change their outcomes it changes the environment of everyone and everything around them.

Ying and Yang Good and Bad habits

A not so pleasant reality is there is good and evil in our world. It manifests consciously and unconsciously in our thoughts, words and deeds.  You create a force of nature when you choose to take command of your thoughts and hold yourself to account…you. You are challenging the status quo of your life and everything that is part of it. You are now challenging those around you and most of all YOU are challenging YOU. And the old you doesn’t like it one bit!

Old habits, methodologies, mental tricks and physical reactions that have served to keep you where you are for decades will come rushing to your rescue at the first sign of a challenge!

“There, there I tried to warning you, you’d get hurt didn’t I, but you wouldn’t listen had to try the new fangled way of thinking. Now look at the mess you’ve caused!”

“Its OK all you have to do is slip on these comfortable old habits. You know how warm and mind numbing they are; we all love you just the way you are! It’s OK we’ll look after you”.

Don’t Fall For It!

This past month has been extremely challenging as we sit tantalizingly close to success with Andreia. It seemed like every new day would bring a new personal trial and we would discover another step to success we weren’t aware of. It has been like dragging bricks through mud ploughed up ahead by a team of bullocks pulling a plough and wetting the soil with a fire hose. Yep that easy!

Another analogy would be running naked into the teeth of a vicious sandstorm! Yes it’s been a visceral experience.

Dictionary.com defines visceral as:

“characterized by or proceeding from instinct rather than intellect: a visceral reaction. Or characterized by or dealing with coarse or base emotions; earthy; crude”

In my case the instinctive response was “Run for it. It’s all too much!” and I was definitely dealing with my coarse base emotions trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. So what to do?

What do you do when every fibre in your body is telling you “abandon ship give it away mate…it won’t work…you’ve got too much on your plate for this nonsense”? I can tell you what I’ve done. I’ve double up on Living Consciously!

Doubled Up and Ploughing On

I realized I was being tempted. Tempted to go back to the same habits and thought patterns that are so comfortable and got me NOWHERE! I know if I stick to my guns and make sure I am clear on my desired outcomes those are the outcomes I’ll receive.

How do I know this well it goes like this. Amongst other things I’ve been worried about taxes (not uncommon right) and I have been really challenged over making Andreia and Living Consciously known to all of the people I have known over many years. I could have gone on making excuses as to why I couldn’t say anything or whatever else I had to do first. Mail Chimp even refused to mail the list…perfect chance to cop out right!

Then I noticed Mail Chimp just wanted to verify the addresses and the act of doing that would announce to my world the changes I had and will continue to make. I pushed the button!

That decision has changed my world. Why? Because I decided to Live Consciously have the Courage to make a change and to hell with the consequences. I have nobody left to tell. I can just get on with Living My Life MY WAY!

Today my accountant calls and sure enough I owe taxes but then he spills the golden news…I have time! I have time to raise the money needed; pressure valve released. It’s a coincidence! Of course it is AND it is what I wanted to have happen so is it really a coincidence? I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

For me it reinforced and strengthened my muscles (not to mention synapses) around my decision to launch Andreia and Living Consciously because it is life changing. Not the least because you truly know you are living. You feel alive and in control, which is also scary, challenging and, as I say above, Visceral AND it is worth it!

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